The subproject contributes to the successful performance of the project in three subjects. To eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons in the environment in situ biodegradation can be used. In contrast with laboratory experiments, environmental processes are extremely complex, therefore one of the most efficient way of their investigation is compound-specific stable isotope analysis. Since during biodegradation stable isotope fractionation occurs, the measurement of stable carbon isotope ratios (δ13C) can supply a most important and useful indicator. The researchers of the subproject have been applying state-of-the-art methods to analyse 14C in various material for decades. Due to their long time experience in radiocarbon measurements, as well as to their up-to-date radioanalytical facilities, the team participates in the development and elaboration of biological and chemical labeling and tracing experiments according to the need of chemical and biological research within the project. Moreover, hydrological properties of a field-study area will be revealed using isotope-analysis methods.


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