Within the ENVIKUT project, coordinated chemical, biological and physical basic research is carried out what may lead to the development of new and efficient procedures for decomposition or removal, respectively, of organic and inorganic environmental pollutants, among them primarily drugs and their decomposition products, halogenated hydrocarbons and phenols, as well as toxic metals and their derivatives. Wide circle of the research is characterized by the fact that it spans from study of chemical reactions of the pollutants to the possibilities of bacterial decomposition, and these are supplemented by high sensitivity analytical, as well as toxicity studies. The project is carried out in consortium with the Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is financed by 899,6 million HUF from sources of the European Union with national co-financing. It is anticipated that altogether 120 participants (university professors, researchers, PhD and MSc students and technical staff), among them 14 researchers from abroad, take place in the investigations.