Environmental Chemistry Research Group

The Environmental chemistrysub-project deals with metal ions, metal complexes and metal- containing nanoparticles in the environment. There are two tasks. On one hand, to remove metal ions from places where they are present as pollutants, on the other hand to introduce them to places where we need their catalytic activity. In the frame of the project, we study the appearance and speciation of gadolinium and manganese complexes (important diagnostic tools in medicine) considered as pollutants in the environment, and we are going to develop new methods for recycling or replacing. We also investigate the oxidative decomposition of hydrocarbons catalyzed by macromolecular metal complexes. These nanosize catalysts can easily be eliminated from the environment after the reaction. We prepare and test carbon based nanoparticles as promising adsorbents and metal doped carbon aerogels which are expected to be good catalysts in environmental oxidation reactions.


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