In the name of the applicant/project executer/beneficiary/coordinator University of Debrecen (UD), the rector and the chancellor have the rights of signature and controlling tasks. They can enter into an engagement related to the realization of the project. 
The organization responsible for the implementation of the project is the ENVIKUT team, which research group was established to carry out directed chemical and biological basic researches for eliminating environmental pollutants. The team consists of the researchers of the UD and its consortium partner, the Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The professional achievement of the project is directed by the Project Coordination Board (PCB). The PCB is the decision-maker and affirmative organization of the beneficiary. The leader of the PCB is the scientific leader of the project as well. The work of 7 research groups is coordinated by the subproject leaders.
The technical and operative background of PCB is provided by the project management team. The project management team coordinates the members of the project, and it has administration, documentation and reporting duties. Its professional autonomy is insured.



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