Oxidation Research Group

The main objective of the research in the Oxidation sub-project is the development of oxidative degradation methods for the removal of chlorophenols and other compounds of environmental, medicinal or physiological significance (dopamine and derivatives, tryptophan and derivatives, apomorphine, isoniazid and other TBC drugs) from waste waters. These oxidative methods will be developed taking the requirements of modern environmental chemistry into account and optimized based on reaction kinetic and mechanistic measurements. An important supplementary objective will be to develop analytical methods for the detection of the studied compounds mainly based on capillary electrophoresis and high performance liquid chromatography. The mechanistic investigations on the investigated processes will mostly website be carried out by spectrophotometry, stopped flow and flash photolysis techniques also supported by nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometric experiments to assess the stoichiometries of the reactions.


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