Project plan

The ENVIKUT action plan is a coherent set of measures:

  • Exchange of know-how and scientific experience between University of Debrecen and its and national and international partners including SMEs and other economic sector participants
  • Hiring of new researchers in order to promote and stimulate new and modern working environment and contribute to qualitative and quantitative development of HR capacities necessary for R&D activities
  • Acquisition of the capital research equipment and upgrading of the existing one, Supplying infrastructure and services necessary for R&D and Innovation activity
  • Contribution to the innovation chain and delivery of basic research results in assisting decision making in environmental protection
  • Involving students through integrating the results of the project into the education and involving young researchers, offering research topics for them, supporting talents
  • Knowledge transfer at national, regional and international level though trainings and events with invited EU scientists and participation in international meetings
  • Dissemination and promotional activities to ensure increased visibility of University of Debrecen and to increase the professional reputation and acknowledgement of the ENVIKUT team

The development of research management capacities, education of young researchers and their participation at international organizations, international demonstration of R&D project results and closer cooperation with foreign research institutes can result in the respect of ENVIKUT team and the reputation and acknowledgement of its results.

All these measures will contribute to establish a solid background for the ENVIKUT team able to meet the following requirements in the future: scientific research in joint EU projects, knowledge transfer due to raising awareness on environmental safety and networking with prestigious EU labs, training center and attractive scientific environment for new PhD students, encouraging of two-way researchers mobility, etc.

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