Scientific tasks

Planned working connections between the research groups of the project on structural level


Name of research group

Research task in brief

Oxidation Research Group

Degradation of hydrocarbons, chlorophenols and drug residues using advanced oxidation processes (AOP). Chemical analysis service for the project members

Reduction Research Group

Decomposition of halogenated hydrocarbons and chlorophenols by catalytic reduction, membrane transport investigations of metal ions. Anchoring catalysts, complexing agents, photosensibilized systems on solid supports – at the same time service for the project members.

Environmental Chemistry Research Group

Elimination of metal-containing diagnostic tools. Decomposition of hydrocarbons by catalytic oxidation. Developing selective adsorption methods - at the same time service for the project members.

Bioinorganic Chemistry Research Group

Selective complexing of toxic metal ions (first of all Ni2+ and Pb2+) and their removal from waters. Determination of complex equilibrium data - at the same time service for the project members.

Biotechnology Research Group

Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons, membrane transport investigations of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Toxicology and Perniciosity Research Group

Toxicological analysis of drug residues and heavy metal ions. Toxicological service for the project members.


Isotope analysis in the membrane transport investigation of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Isotope analytical service for the project members.


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